The HIVE is a modern digital platform that empowers qualified workers and businesses to connect directly in real time

Intrm Innovations is Redefining Staffing


Optimize workforce to meet daily demands in today's fast-paced business environment

  • Complete, cost-effective, platform to manage short & long-term staffing
  • User-friendly mobile application to connect on the go
  • Artificial Intelligence introduces exceptional candidates to ideal positions
  • Instant connection to qualified workers
  • Empowerment of workers with job identification and flexibility
  • Metrics and reports to better manage business and personnel

Medical & Dental

Choose qualified candidates based upon education, certifications, reviews, availability, location and experience

  • Talented professionals for fast fill-ins
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Comfort through access to familiar and talented staff
  • Cost control through fixed fees with no initial sign-up cost
  • Choose candidates based upon education, licensing, certifications, reviews, availability, location and experience
  • Opportunity to make a difference through donations to important causes